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Within this veterinary blog platform, our veterinarians will be sharing the latest news in veterinary medicine, tips and info about pet health, seasonal information, detailed articles, and more! We'll also inform you about any pet-related events and other news-worthy stories involving our pet community. Check back often to see the latest!

dog park in limerick, pa

5 Dog Parks in Limerick, PA Your Pet Will Love

Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to let your dog get some energy out and get some fresh air. However, all pet owners want to make sure that the park they will be taking their dog to is clean and safe. As a result, dog owners have asked themselves at…

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Cat Behavior in Limerick, PA

6 Common Cat Behavior Issues in Limerick, PA and How to Help Your Pet

If you are a cat owner, chances are good you’ve seen some unpleasant behavior from your cat at least once during your time with your pet. However, did you know that many common cat behavioral issues have underlying causes that can be managed or treated? In this article, we’ll show you six of the most…

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pale gums in dogs in Limerick, PA

My Dog’s Gums are Pale in Limerick, PA: What Does this Mean?

Have you noticed that your dog’s gums look a little pale? Is this concerning you? Pale gums are not a normal sign in dogs, and they can sometimes signify a very serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. Reasons for a Dog’s Pale Gums In the article below, you’ll find more information about…

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Kennel Cough in Dogs in Limerick, PA

Symptoms and Treatment for Kennel Cough in Limerick, PA

As humans, many of us have experienced the common cold. The coughing, runny or stuffy nose, sneezing, and sore throat can really make a person miserable. Similarly, a case of kennel cough in dogs can be uncomfortable for a dog. In most cases, your dog will recover from kennel cough within a few weeks. It…

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Cat Drinking a Lot of Water in Limerick, PA

Why is My Cat Drinking so Much Water in Limerick, PA?

A quick search on the internet, or a scroll through social media, will show that pet owners love their cats. While some cat behaviors can downright confuse or frustrate their owners, there are some that could be a sign something is wrong. Like humans, cats drink when they are thirsty. If it seems like your…

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Cat Hairball in Limerick, PA

How Often Do Cats Throw Up Hairballs in Limerick, PA?

Cats and hairballs can go together, but how often exactly? Cat owners both new and experienced often wonder whether or not it’s normal for their cats to have hairballs as often as they do. If you’re one of the many cat owners wondering the same thing, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore…

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Dog Neuter in Limerick, PA

Puppy and Dog Neuter or Spay in Limerick, PA: Questions and Answers

When you bring home a new dog in Limerick, PA there are so many things to decide. What are you going to name him? What kind of food should you buy? What leash is best? And on and on. One of the most important decisions you will make is whether to spay or neuter your…

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teeth-cleaning in in Limerick, PA

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean in Limerick, PA with 4 Tips

Oral care is one of the most important, yet easily forgotten pieces of caring for your dog. There have been studies that show that 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by age three. Age three! That means that out of the almost 90 million dogs in the United States, 72 million have some form of…

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Puppy Training in Limerick, PA

What You Need to Know About Puppy Training in Limerick, PA

So, you’ve decided to get a puppy. Yay! This is such and exciting time in your life and in your new pup. By now you’ve researched breeds, checked out shelters, and found the perfect fit. With so much going on, you might be wondering what the best way to start training is. No one wants…

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Dog Boarding in Limerick, PA

4 Things to Pack for Dog Boarding in Limerick, PA

Dog boarding is a great way to provide care for your beloved pet while you’re traveling, hospitalized, or during periods of time when your home needs to be vacated for any reason. There are many qualified boarding providers within reach of nearly every region across the US. When you find a boarding facility that meets…

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