Veterinary Blog in Limerick, PA

Veterinary Blog in Limerick

Within this veterinary blog platform, our veterinarians will be sharing the latest news in veterinary medicine, tips and info about pet health, seasonal information, detailed articles, and more! We'll also inform you about any pet-related events and other news-worthy stories involving our pet community. Check back often to see the latest!

Cat Behavior in Limerick, PA

6 Common Cat Behavior Issues in Limerick, PA and How to Help Your Pet

If you are a cat owner, chances are good you’ve seen some unpleasant behavior from your cat at least once during your time with your pet. However, did you know that many common cat behavioral issues have underlying causes that can be managed or treated? In this article, we’ll show you six of the most…

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pale gums in dogs in Limerick, PA

My Dog’s Gums are Pale in Limerick, PA: What Does this Mean?

Have you noticed that your dog’s gums look a little pale? Is this concerning you? Pale gums are not a normal sign in dogs, and they can sometimes signify a very serious problem that needs to be addressed right away. Reasons for a Dog’s Pale Gums In the article below, you’ll find more information about…

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