Wellness Exams for Pets in Limerick

Ensuring your pet's lifelong health is a team effort between you, your veterinarian and the rest of our supporting staff here in Limerick. Pet wellness exams is a program consisting of treatments to prevent illness, maintain good health, and detect problems early. We respect and appreciate our patients' individual personalities and diverse needs, and build each pet's wellness program accordingly.

Exams, vaccinations, routine blood screens and parasite control are some of the core aspects of wellness care. When you and your pet come to visit, we'll discuss these services with you, along with nutritional requirements, behavior, and more. Also, be sure to bring up any questions you have about your pet's health. There is no better time for us to address these concerns, and we'll do all that we can to help you.

Pet Wellness Exams

The physical wellness exam is a valuable tool for detecting outward signs of health issues and forming an initial impression of your pet's health status. During the exam, we check the:

  • Eyes, ears and nose
  • Mouth (teeth and gums)
  • Heart, lungs, belly and internal organs
  • Skin and coat
  • Limbs, joints, paws and nails
  • Back, tail and reproductive organs

Your veterinarian will also palpate to check for lumps, bumps and other abnormalities. Your pet's weight, heart rate and temperature will also be recorded. Our goal for wellness exams is to create a comprehensive health history and set a baseline for future visits. If we notice any problems, we may suggest immediate treatment to correct the issue.

Another aspect of the exam is diagnostics. New puppies and kittens are often born with intestinal parasites that require prompt treatment. To detect these parasites, we will need to perform a fecal parasite exam to find evidence of an infestation. We also perform blood tests to check pets for heartworm and tick-borne diseases, which can be very dangerous if left untreated.

Caring for Senior Pets

Much of your pet's veterinary care will take place in their earliest stage of life, and their latest. Senior dogs and cats can experience the same kinds of health problems as senior humans. Therefore, we recommend seeing your dog or cat for a pet wellness exam every six months to evaluate their health. As our pets grow older, they become more susceptible to arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and weight gain. If these problems persist, they can make your pet very uncomfortable and even shorten their life. Routine pet wellness exams are essential for detecting these issues early and treating them quickly.

In addition, diagnostics play an important role in keeping your senior pet healthy. Our in-house laboratory, digital X-ray and ultrasound equipment are valuable tools for catching, identifying and treating diseases.