My Dog Is Drooling Excessively – What Should I Do?

When you notice your dog drooling more than usual, it might leave you worried and looking for answers. This article can help to explain why your dog might be drooling excessively and what steps you can take. Excessive drooling can be a sign of various conditions, from simple reasons like being too hot or smelling something tasty, to more serious health concerns. It’s important to observe your pet and understand when to seek professional help. If you’re concerned about your dog’s drooling and need expert advice, Limerick Veterinary Hospital in Limerick, PA, is here to help. Give us a call at (610) 489-2848 to talk about your dog’s symptoms and decide if an appointment is needed.


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Understanding Excessive Drooling

Drooling is natural for dogs, but when does it become excessive? This section helps you understand the difference and identify potential causes.

Dogs drool for many reasons – excitement, hunger, or after drinking water. However, if your dog starts drooling more than what seems normal for them, it might be a signal that something’s up. Excessive drooling can be caused by dental problems, heatstroke, or even stress. It’s key to watch out for other signs that something might be wrong, like bad breath, difficulty eating, or changes in behavior. If you see these signs, it’s time to call Limerick Veterinary Hospital.

Common Causes of Excessive Drooling

Let’s explore some common reasons why dogs might drool more than usual.

Oral and Dental Issues

Dental health is super important for dogs. Issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or even something stuck in their teeth can make a dog drool a lot. If your dog is drooling excessively and also seems to have trouble eating or is pawing at their mouth, it could be a dental problem.


Dogs can get too hot just like people do, and one way they might show they’re overheating is by drooling a lot. If it’s really warm outside and your dog is drooling, panting heavily, and seems lethargic, they could be experiencing heatstroke. This is serious and means you should get them to a cooler place and call your vet right away.

Stress or Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs can feel stressed or anxious, leading to excessive drooling. This can happen in new or loud environments, during storms, or when they’re feeling scared. Paying attention to when the drooling happens can help you figure out if stress is the cause.

When to Call the Vet

Knowing when to seek professional advice is crucial. Here are some signs that it’s time to get in touch with Limerick Veterinary Hospital.

If your dog’s drooling is accompanied by other worrying symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy, or if you just feel something isn’t right, it’s time to call us. It’s always better to be safe and get your pet checked out. At Limerick Veterinary Hospital, we’re here to answer your questions and provide the care your dog needs. Contact us at (610) 489-2848 to discuss your concerns or to schedule an appointment.

How to Prevent Excessive Drooling

Prevention is key when it comes to your dog’s health. Here are some tips to help keep excessive drooling at bay.

Ensuring your dog stays cool on hot days, keeping up with their dental health, and helping them manage stress can all reduce the chances of excessive drooling. Regular check-ups at Limerick Veterinary Hospital can also catch any health issues early on. And, always keep hazardous items that could be swallowed or cause harm out of reach.

Limerick Veterinary Hospital is Here to Help Keep Your Dog Healthy

Excessive drooling can be a sign that your dog needs some extra attention or care. By understanding the potential causes and knowing when to seek professional help, you can ensure your dog stays happy and healthy. If you’re ever unsure about your dog’s health or if the drooling seems out of the ordinary, give Limerick Veterinary Hospital a call. We’re here to provide the support and care your dog needs, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (610) 489-2848 for advice or to make an appointment. Let’s work together to keep your dog healthy and drool-free!

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