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Pet Boarding and Daycare

Are you looking for a comfortable, trustworthy place to lodge your pet or bring them for daycare? Look no further than our Happy Tails Activity Center at Limerick Veterinary Hospital. Our pet lodging and daycare facility is open 365 days a year to welcome and accommodate dogs and cats from Limerick, New Hanover, Royersford, and neighboring areas. 

Whether you need to lodge your pet for a week or a day, we know how difficult it can be to leave them in someone else's care. Our staff members will give your pet plenty of love and individualized attention to keep them happy during their stay. 

Our Boarding Accommodations

Moving your pet from their home to our lodging facility does not have to be stressful. Some pets are not as accustomed to lodging or being around other animals, which is why we make greater efforts to increase comfort. 

Your pet can expect the following accommodations while they board with us:

  • Clean, fresh water always available
  • Soft, clean bedding that is changed out and refreshed daily
  • We can provide Hill's Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, or Hill's Puppy or Senior food if your pet is not on a specific diet
  • A private cattery for felines where they can relax in the sun or watch the birds
  • Cat condos and cat toys 

Create Your Own Boarding Package

We can offer additional services to make your pet's stay more enjoyable:

  • Boarding dogs can receive 3 walks per day
  • Dogs can socialize and play in our indoor or outdoor areas
  • Special treats like ice cream and cookies (for dogs and cats)
  • 30 minutes of free time/play time daily for cats
  • One-on-one time with a staff member for personal attention and interaction
  • By request, your dog can also be groomed during their boarding stay--this may include a full bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, brushing and blow out, or medical oatmeal bath
Cat and dog resting together

Why Your Pet Should be at Daycare

Pet daycare benefits dogs and their owners, both as a means of convenience for busy humans, and a place to socialize and exercise for dogs. At Happy Tails Activity Center, we offer daycare hours from early in the morning until mid-evening. As a pet owner, you deserve to feel confident knowing that your dog is receiving excellent care in your absence.

Our standard daycare services include:

  • 2 walks (3 for dogs under a year old or over 7 years)
  • 1-2 hours of playtime
  • Clean, comfortable bedding and housing
  • Meals provided
pet boarding

How can Daycare Benefit my Dog?

Socialization with humans and other dogs is essential to your dog's overall well-being. This is especially important for puppies that are just starting out in the world. You can also use our daycare program to prepare your pet for lodging with us in the future. We highly encourage this practice to make their time with us more enjoyable. 

Our daycare is also useful for the following situations:

  • Painters, movers, carpet installers or other handymen are working in your home and you need to keep your pet in a more relaxed, low-traffic environment
  • Your puppy does not get along well with other puppies
  • You are planning a trip, and would like your pet to get used to our facility

We welcome any questions you may have about Happy Tails Activity Center and what we have to offer. Just give us a call at (610) 489-2848 for more information!


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