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Veterinary Blog in Limerick

Within this veterinary blog platform, our veterinarians will be sharing the latest news in veterinary medicine, tips and info about pet health, seasonal information, detailed articles, and more! We'll also inform you about any pet-related events and other news-worthy stories involving our pet community. Check back often to see the latest!

dog laying on bed

When Should You Worry About Your Dog’s Vomiting?

Seeing your dog vomit can be worrisome and lead to many questions about their health. Learn about dog vomiting and when it’s a sign that you should seek professional help. If you find yourself concerned about your pet’s health, reaching out to a professional is always a smart move. For those in Limerick, PA, Limerick…

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cat laying on ground

Cat Heatstroke: Signs, Treatment and How to Protect Your Pet

When the sun is shining bright and the temperatures soar, we all find ways to stay cool and comfortable. But did you know that our cats can suffer from the heat just as much as we do? Heatstroke in cats is a serious concern and requires immediate attention. Learn what cat heatstroke is, the signs…

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older dog laying in bed

Bloat in Dogs: What it is, Signs to Watch for and Treatment Options

When our dogs aren’t feeling well, it can be really worrying. One condition that can be very serious for dogs is bloat. Let’s look at what bloat is, the signs you need to look out for, and what treatment options are available. If you’re concerned your dog might have bloat, or if you just want…

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happy dog drooling

My Dog Is Drooling Excessively – What Should I Do?

When you notice your dog drooling more than usual, it might leave you worried and looking for answers. This article can help to explain why your dog might be drooling excessively and what steps you can take. Excessive drooling can be a sign of various conditions, from simple reasons like being too hot or smelling…

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brushing dogs teeth on floor

Pet Parent’s Guide for Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth At Home

Taking care of your dog involves more than just feeding and walks. An important but often overlooked aspect is dental care. Learning how to brush your dog’s teeth can make a big difference in their health and happiness. We will walk you through the steps and tips for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.…

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cat and chocolate cone

4 Reasons Why Cats Can’t Eat Chocolate

When we enjoy a piece of chocolate, it’s natural to want to share that treat with everyone around us, including our cats. However, it’s important to know that not all human foods are safe for our pets. We will explore why chocolate is harmful to cats and what you should do if your cat accidentally…

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