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Veterinary Blog in Limerick

Within this veterinary blog platform, our veterinarians will be sharing the latest news in veterinary medicine, tips and info about pet health, seasonal information, detailed articles, and more! We'll also inform you about any pet-related events and other news-worthy stories involving our pet community. Check back often to see the latest!

dog aggression in limerick, pa

Why is My Dog Being Aggressive in Limerick, PA and How Do I Stop it?

Dog aggression can happen for a variety of reasons, and it is never a fun experience. Even the sweetest dogs can become aggressive if the wrong situation occurs. Knowing more about dog aggression can help pet owners to deal with situations where this behavior crops up. Protecting your dog and those around them from situations…

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dog vaccinations in limerick, pa

Did You Know that Dog Vaccinations in Limerick, PA Are Important to Your Pet’s Health? Here’s Why!

Pet owners are usually aware of the various things that their dog needs in order to be happy and healthy. However, many people balk at the cost of vaccinations and wonder if it might be easier to just skip this part of their dog’s annual care plan. While puppy vaccines are very important, you can’t…

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