Why is My Cat Drinking so Much Water in Limerick, PA?

A quick search on the internet, or a scroll through social media, will show that pet owners love their cats. While some cat behaviors can downright confuse or frustrate their owners, there are some that could be a sign something is wrong.

Like humans, cats drink when they are thirsty. If it seems like your cat is constantly drinking from their bowl, it may be time to observe them a little closer to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Cat Drinking a Lot of Water in Limerick, PA

How Much Water Should My Cat Be Drinking Each Day in Limerick, PA?

Water is essential to all life, and cats require more water than humans to maintain a properly functioning body.

To maintain proper hydration, your cat requires between 3.5 and 4.5 ounces of water per five pounds of body weight each day. Let’s do the math. If your cat weighs 10 pounds, they are going to need between 7 and 9 ounces of water every day to avoid dehydration and other issues.

Another factor to consider when it comes to your cat’s water intake is the type of food they consume. Wet cat food is about 80% water, so your cat may not be drinking as much from their water bowl because they are getting it from their food. If you are feeding your cat dry food on a regular basis, they will probably drink more as they will not receive as much water from their meals as when eating wet food.

What Should I Do if My Cat is Drinking More Than Usual?

If you have concerns about your cat drinking a lot of water, closely observe your cat for at least 24 hours. Measure how much water you place in their bowl, and at the end of the 24 hours see how much is left. If it more than the recommended amount of water needed to keep your cat properly hydrated, it is time to start thinking about what could be causing your cat’s excessive thirst. This will also be important information should you need to seek medical help for your cat.

Environmental changes can often contribute to the amount of water that your cat is drinking in Limerick, PA. If you have noticed that your cat is drinking a lot of water, there are some questions you can ask yourself:

How Warm is My House?

If your home is too warm, it could be causing your cat to dehydrate faster, leading them to drink more water.

Does My Cat Eat Only Dry Food?

As mentioned previously, cats that eat a mostly wet food diet get a portion of their daily water intake from their meals.

Could the Excessive Drinking be Seasonal?

As temperatures are warmer in the summer months, this could also be causing your cat to need more water. The same is true during the winter when many people are heating their homes and creating a drier environment.

If you think any of these environmental issues could be causing your cat to drink more than usual in Limerick, PA, you can make changes and continue to observe your cat’s overall health and behavior. If you adjust their environment and still notice that your cat is drinking an excessive amount of water, it could be a sign that your cat has some underlying health issues.

Common Causes of Cats Drinking a Lot of Water in Limerick, PA

There could be several reasons that your cat is drinking more than usual, including behavioral issues such anxiety and stress, or environmental changes that could include excess heat. But it can also be the sign of several underlying conditions which will require the care of a veterinarian.

The condition of increased water intake in cats is known as “polydipsia,” and refers to a continuous need to drink because of excessive thirst. Three common causes of this are:

Chronic Kidney Disease

In some cats, either the structure of the kidneys or their function is compromised. This can leave the kidneys unable to properly absorb water. The imbalance of fluids in your cat’s body could mean that your cat is drinking more to stay hydrated. While kidney disease is most seen in older cats, it can affect them in all stages of life.

Diabetes Mellitus

Just like in humans, a deficiency of insulin can result in high blood sugar levels. The excess sugar then spills out into the cat’s urine, and with it water to keep the body properly hydrated. Diabetes Mellitus is most often seen in male cats over the age of five years, who are overweight.


Thyroid hormones aid in many of the body’s functions. An excess of the hormones can cause several problems including an increased metabolism, which can lead to weight loss, as well as blood pressure and heart issues. Because the body is working overtime, your cat may be seeking ways to stay cool which would include drinking more water.

When Should I Take My Cat to the Veterinarian in Limerick, PA About Their Water Intake?

Because cats are masters at hiding their illnesses, it is important for owners to keep an eye out for other common signs that something could be wrong. Owners can ask themselves these questions to determine if they should take their cat to seek medical help:

  • Is my cat eating more or less than usual?
  • Have I noticed any major behavioral shifts in my cat lately?
  • Are my cat’s sleeping patterns unusual?
  • Has my cat experienced any sicknesses, such as diarrhea?

If you have noticed any of these signs, along with an increase in thirst, you should seek the advice of a medical professional. Your veterinarian will likely run blood and urine tests to help determine the underlying cause of your cat’s increased thirst.

Talk with Your Veterinarian in Limerick, PA

If you are concerned about your cat’s health, do not hesitate to reach out to your veterinarian in Limerick, PA at Limerick Veterinary Hospital by calling (610) 489-2848 or book an appointment online. Even if nothing is found to be wrong with your cat, they are the best resource to answer your questions.

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