4 Things to Pack for Dog Boarding in Limerick, PA

Dog boarding is a great way to provide care for your beloved pet while you’re traveling, hospitalized, or during periods of time when your home needs to be vacated for any reason. There are many qualified boarding providers within reach of nearly every region across the US. When you find a boarding facility that meets you and your pet’s needs, it’s important to talk to them about their expectations, your expectations, and your pet’s individual needs.

Dog Boarding in Limerick, PA

Provide Your Pet’s Medical History for Dog Boarding

While a complete medical history isn’t necessary for dog boarding, proof of vaccines, and veterinarian’s notes describing any known diseases are essential, to ensure your boarding facility is fully informed regarding your pet’s health. Proof of flea and tick prevention, and intestinal parasite prevention are also important, so the facility knows your dog is protected against parasites and also isn’t likely to pass parasites to other boarding guests.

Food for Your Dog’s Boarding Stay

When making a boarding reservation, first you should ask if they provide food there, or if you are expected to bring your own. If they provide food at the facility, you should also find out how similar it is to your pet’s current diet. This is important because sudden diet changes can cause stomach and intestinal upset for your pet, and it’s ideal to avoid this if possible. Limerick Veterinary Hospital provides food, but you can bring your own. You can also take this opportunity to find out what treats they might offer- if your dog has a health condition, allergy, or sensitivity, you might want to bring a baggie of your dog’s favorite treats.

When providing food and treats, make sure you measure out enough to last their entire boarding stay times two. This is a rough guideline but provides for extra days of food in case your return to pick up is delayed for any reason.

Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

Many boarding facilities provide their own leashes and harnesses, but it never hurts to bring your own. They’ll be familiar objects for your dog to interact with, and the dog boarding facility will probably appreciate having an appropriately fitted harness to take your dog out on walks.

Advanced Care While Dog Boarding

If your dog has any medical conditions that require special care, you must provide everything they need for the boarding facility and care providers. This includes specialty diets and treats, all medications, and any assistance devices your pet might need. Before making the dog boarding reservation, you should confirm that your chosen facility is equipped to provide the necessary care. Some facilities are simply “take them out, put them in, feed them” places that can’t or won’t give medications. There are other facilities that will give oral medications but can’t or won’t give injections, like insulin.

Even if your dog isn’t on long-term medications, you may want to consider getting anxiety management medications in anticipation of a boarding stay, to help your pet be as calm and comfortable as possible while you’re separated.

Book Your Dog’s Boarding Stay in Limerick, PA

When preparing your dog for a boarding stay, consider all their needs and put together a kit of items you think they’ll need for their stay. You should also have a frank discussion with the boarding facility to find out what their expectations and abilities are. You as pet owners and they as pet caretakers both have your dog’s best interest in mind, so working together to make care provisions is important.

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