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Veterinary Blog in Limerick

Within this veterinary blog platform, our veterinarians will be sharing the latest news in veterinary medicine, tips and info about pet health, seasonal information, detailed articles, and more! We'll also inform you about any pet-related events and other news-worthy stories involving our pet community. Check back often to see the latest!

dog frostbite in limerick, pa

Dog Frostbite in Limerick, PA: What it is and How to Protect Your Pet

If you own a dog and you live in a place with cold weather, you might wonder if your dog can get frostbite. You might have seen dogs out playing in the snow and figured that your dog would not be impacted in the same way as you would if you were outside for too…

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cat sneezing in limerick, pa

Why is My Cat Sneezing in Limerick, PA?

If you own a cat, you know that it can be hard to tell when they are not feeling well. Cats are good at keeping things from us, and they tend to hide that they are sick until their symptoms progress to the point that they are obvious. If your cat has been sneezing, you…

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cat drinking water in the summer

8 Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer in Limerick, PA

The intense summer heat can be deadly and dangerous for cats, especially outside cats. Although it is tempting to run and play outside, there are a few things you can do to keep your cat safe during the summer. If you do not increase your cat’s safety, they can suffer from pain and damage to…

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dog going through mange treatment

Dog Mange in Limerick, PA: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Dog mange is an unsightly condition, and it can cause lasting issues with your dog’s skin and haircoat when not treated. Many people have never seen mange in a dog and have never had to treat it before, but if you rescue an animal or your dog comes into contact with a dog that had…

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cat neutering in limerick, pa

4 Benefits of Cat Neutering in Limerick, PA

If you have a new pet and you are not sure if you want to take them to be neutered, you probably need to consider all the benefits of making this selection. There are many reasons that you might want to spay or neuter your cat. If you have never had to make this decision…

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dog dehydration in limerick, pa

How to Protect Your Pet from Dog Dehydration in Limerick, PA

Protecting your dog from dehydration is important. When your dog exerts in the heat or is not provided enough water for their daily needs, they can become dangerously dehydrated. Dogs cannot sweat the way that people do and being provided too little water can make them inefficient at cooling off their bodies. If you are…

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cat vaccinations in limerick, pa

Why Cat Vaccinations in Limerick, PA are Important for Your Pet’s Health

Many people have questions about the reasons for vaccination requirements for pets. There are lots of people who want to know if they really need to vaccinate their pets. This can be a common question if someone has a pet that never leaves the home. There are some key reasons that cat vaccinations in Limerick,…

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senior dog age in limerick, pa

How to Tell if Your Dog is a Senior in Limerick, PA

Aging in pets can be a little confusing from a human perspective. We all know that they age faster than humans, but it can be tough to know when your dog finally reaches the age that is considered to be senior. For some dogs, age is just a number, and they seem the same as…

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cat allergies in limerick, pa

Can Cats Have Allergies in Limerick, PA?

Dogs are not the only pets that can develop allergies. Cats can also develop allergies in their lifetime. Some cats are born with allergies, while others develop new ones as they age. Experts are still trying to understand how allergies develop and ways to get rid of the reactions. What are Cat Allergies? Allergies occur…

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Dog Separation Anxiety in Limerick, PA

Dog Separation Anxiety in Limerick, PA: What it is and How it Affects Your Pet

Dogs are a big part of our lives, but we are an even more significant part of theirs. Dogs live their whole lives to make people happy, which can lead to separation anxiety in some animals. You might have a dog that gets upset when you leave home, and you might be worried about how…

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