8 Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer in Limerick, PA

The intense summer heat can be deadly and dangerous for cats, especially outside cats. Although it is tempting to run and play outside, there are a few things you can do to keep your cat safe during the summer. If you do not increase your cat’s safety, they can suffer from pain and damage to their body.

1. Provide a Water Supply

The most important thing to do for your pets during the summer is to keep a reliable and full water supply. It is not enough to have one water station. Since the heat causes dehydration, you should add more than one bowl around your home and outside to encourage hydration.

While it is tempting to use cold ice cubes in your cat’s water, this can actually cause shock since the temperatures are significantly different.

2. Make Sure There is Shade, Especially Outside

Provide your cat with a shady area both inside and outside. It is okay to let your cat play and roam outside. However, when the temperatures are high and dangerous, you should create an area with shade. This is especially important when it comes to outdoor areas.

Creating a shady area is easy and quick. You can use a cardboard box or an open space and an umbrella. Within this shelter, don’t forget to add a container of water.

cat summer safety in Limerick, PA

3. Provide an Outside Shelter

In some parts of the U.S, there are constant storms and rain clouds. To protect your cat from the harsh weather and temperatures, you should provide your cat with an outside shelter. There are two ways you can do this. The easiest way to provide your cat with an outside shelter is to provide them with a way to run back inside. You can purchase and install a cat door for easy access.

You can also build a cat home with a durable and weather-resistant material. While wood is strong, it can deteriorate and mold with rainwater. It is best to keep your cat inside when the weather is rough, though.

4. Groom Your Cat Once a Week

Although cats bathe and groom themselves, you can help them with this chore at least once a week. During the hot summer months, the extra fur on your pet can cause overheating. Although experts do not recommend shaving your cat, you can groom them with a soft and gentle brush.

The brush takes out any knots while also providing relief and getting rid of any unwanted dirt and spores.

5. Allow Fresh Air in the Home

Indoor cats would enjoy some fresh air in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler outside. Open the window for them to sit by but be sure there is a screen securely attached so they don’t escape.

6. Treats Made of Ice Cubes with Tuna

There are many delicious and cool treats that can regulate your cat’s temperature by giving them something to enjoy. Veterinarians recommend freezing water and tuna to create a frozen tuna treat. This will encourage your cat to drink water from the melting ice while giving them a mental puzzle.

To get to the tuna, the cat will have to break apart the ice, meaning they drink the water. This cools your cat’s body temperature while also keeping them entertained.

cat drinking water in the summer

7. Don’t Leave Your Cat in the Car

If you have somewhere to go, it is safer to leave your cat behind. Don’t bring your cat in your car unless absolutely necessary. The car can stress your cat out, which coupled with the heat can cause overheating, stress, and dehydration.

You should also refrain from leaving your cat in your car accidentally. This heat can suffocate your cat, causing serious health conditions. To keep your cat safe, leave them at home.

8. Vaccinations

Make sure that your cat has all their vaccinations up to date. In the summer, the humidity and heat provide a perfect place for bacterial and viral infections. The spread of these infections can cause your cat to feel pain and discomfort. Although there are treatments, it is easier to prevent bacterial illnesses first.

You can ask your cat’s vet for recommendations and other tips on keeping your feline friend safe during the hot summer months.


All in all, cats are friends that require extra special care to keep them safe during the summer. You should provide your cat with plenty of water during these months. In the summer season, you can also protect your cat with shady areas, frequent grooming, and up-to-date vaccinations.

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