Why is My Cat Drooling in Limerick, PA?

Everyone knows that dogs can drool, but most people don’t think of this behavior as something that cats can display. And it is true that drooling in cats is less common than it is in dogs. However, there are some reasons that your cat might be drooling that are perfectly natural and that are not linked to health issues. Cats can drool because they are happy, scared, or even hungry, so cat owners need to know how to read their cat’s behavior to tell one kind of drooling apart from another.

cat drooling in limerick, pa

Causes of Cat Drooling

If your cat is drooling, it is a good idea to know more about why cats drool. This will help you to know when to take your cat to the vet and when you don’t have to worry. Cats can be a bit secretive about how they are feeling from time to time, so cat owners need to know a lot about the common issues that can be related to symptoms like drooling.


When cats are happy, they often drool. This might happen due to being petted or even just because they are getting to sit on someone’s lap. Some cats are much more likely to drool when they are happy than others, but nearly every cat will drool from time to time when they are feeling relaxed and pleased with life. This can be a form of a compliment, as cats do not usually drool around humans unless they trust them completely.

Dental Problems

If your cat has broken teeth or gum disease, they might drool all the time. This is because of the pain and inflammation in their mouth. You will need to be sure that you pay attention to your cat’s food intake and make sure that they are drinking water as well. Cats that have painful teeth or gums are not usually very good at eating and drinking and can make themselves sick. Your pet will need to go to the vet and have a professional teeth cleaning to resolve this issue.

Dental problems are very common in cats, and they can bring other health issues along with them. Cats that have dental issues are also at risk for heart problems and heart infections, as well as systemic infection.


Cats often drool right before they throw up. Some cat breeds are more notorious for throwing up than others, so you might have seen this mechanism in action. However, if your cat only throws up occasionally, you might be really concerned when you see them drooling shortly before getting sick. So long as your cat stops drooling after they have thrown up and they are continuing to eat and drink, there is probably nothing to worry about.

Regular or frequent vomiting can be a sign that something is wrong, however, and you should take your cat to the vet if they are throwing up all the time.

Fear or Worry

Cats can sometimes drool when they are very scared or worried as well. This is not as common as happy drooling, but some cats that have high anxiety will drool in response to fear. These cats often act sort of “shut off” from contact with humans and might be unresponsive when you try to make them feel better. Make sure that you take a consistently worried cat to the vet to get some help for them. Being scared all the time is bad for your cat’s health, and your vet will be able to help them to feel a lot better through a variety of treatment options.

How to Know the Difference Between Different Kinds of Drooling

At the end of the day, if your cat is drooling and they seem happy, then they are probably not sick. However, if your cat is drooling and they seem scared or worried, it might be time to take your pet to see the veterinarian. Always be sure that you are checking on your pet’s eating and drinking behaviors if they are drooling more than normal as well.

You will probably be able to recognize when your pet does not feel well, and symptoms like drooling and being a bit “off” can be early warning signs of big problems. Always be sure that you take a safe rather than sorry approach when it comes to cats that are drooling and seem not to feel well. Cats are notoriously bad communicators and often do not indicate that they are feeling sick until they are quite ill.

Sometimes you need to “trust your gut” when it comes to behaviors like drooling. Some cats are prone to drooling, while others almost never do so. Knowing the difference between the two can have a lot to do with knowing your own cat and their normal behaviors. The more observant you are about your cat’s well-being, the better off your pet will be.

Cats Can Drool for Many Different Reasons

There are actually lots of reasons that your cat might be drooling. You will need to pay attention to your cat’s overall behavior if they have started drooling. You should be concerned if they are vomiting and if they are not eating or drinking. Taking your cat to the vet for drooling might sound silly, but there are some serious health issues that can have drooling as one of their symptoms.

Cats can also drool because they are happy, but this is often very easy to recognize. The difference between a sick cat and a happy cat is obvious, even if your cat has drooled when they are happy for years. It can be much better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to caring for your cat’s health. Taking your cat to the vet can be a great idea, even if you just want to rule out common issues that might be associated with drooling.

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