Should I be Worried that My Cat is Quickly Losing Weight in Limerick, PA?

Cats can be hard to diagnose for many conditions. They are naturally stoical and tend not to complain about their problems in any significant way until they are quite serious. Cat ownership is often partially about trying to read the signs that your cat is showing related to health issues that are not clear at all.

If your cat has been losing weight, you might be concerned. There are many indoor cats that could stand to lose a few pounds but if your cat is already thin and is losing weight, you might be worried with good cause. Cats that are already an ideal weight that are losing more weight beyond a normal healthy maintenance weight might have health conditions that are causing this weight loss to occur.

If your cat is losing weight and you are concerned about how thin they are getting, you need to read on for more information.

cat losing weight in limerick, pa
Causes of Weight Loss in Cats

Cats might lose weight for many reasons. Some of these are easy to prevent while others are harder to control. If you can’t figure out why your cat is losing weight, you might need to take them to the veterinarian for an assessment to see if the cause of the weight loss can be sorted out before they get down to an unhealthy weight.


Cats can lose weight due to fear or worry. Some cats are very territorial and might be reacting to a new cat in the house or the sound of a dog next door. This kind of weight loss can be hard to isolate, and you might have to manage this kind of weight loss with changes to the environment or adding medications to your cat’s routine that will make them feel calm.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can cause vomiting and other problems that can lead to weight loss. Cats are very picky eaters, and they might choose not to eat for days at a time if they don’t like their food or if they know that the food they are eating makes them sick.


Cats that lose a friend or are not happy in their overall environment can become very depressed. This can be a hard condition to treat if it is leading to anorexia but sometimes you can help this problem by getting a new cat for them to live with or tempting them with food they really like.

Health Conditions

The biggest concern related to weight loss is that a health problem is causing this weight loss. There are many health conditions that can lead to weight loss, and you will need to work with your vet to figure out what health problems might be causing this weight loss. If you have ruled out health issues that are causing the weight loss, then you can move on to environmental or emotional causes for the weight loss.

Should I be Worried About my Cat’s Weight Loss?

Many vets will look for obvious reasons that your cat might be losing weight. There are many health conditions that can cause weight loss and many of them are serious. The most common reasons that your cat might be losing weight are often quite serious. This is why you should make sure to see your vet right away if your cat is losing weight rapidly.

Knowing why your cat is not able to maintain their weight can make it much easier to take care of its needs. Some of the health conditions that can lead to this outcome are quite easy to treat, but many of them are quite complex. Being sure that you know why your cat is losing weight is critical if you want to be able to help them to feel better and gain some of their lost weight back.

Health Conditions That Cause Cats to Lose Weight

Your veterinarian will be able to help determine if any of these health conditions are the reason for your cat’s weight loss.

Kidney Issues

Kidney disease is inevitable for most cats because they were made to eat a protein-heavy diet. It can be hard to take care of your cat’s kidneys without intervention as they get older. You will want to consider having your cat examined for kidney failure and you might need to change their diet to help their kidneys to perform better. Some cats also benefit from dialysis treatments which can sometimes be administered at home.


Cats are quite prone to diabetes and your cat might be losing weight because their hormones are causing them to process food incorrectly. Diabetes can be treated in some cases and your vet can help advise you about the best ways to take care of this need. Diet changes and medications can sometimes help your cat to feel better and enjoy a much healthier life.


Cats that have cancer commonly will lose weight and have a dry coat. There is not much that can be done for cancer in cats and your vet will advise you about the best options for your cat if their weight loss has occurred due to cancer.

Weight Loss in Cats is Often a Cause for Concern

No matter the reason for your cat’s weight loss, this is almost always a cause for concern. If your cat has been losing weight, you should make sure to take them to a vet to be checked out as soon as possible. There are many reasons that your cat might lose weight, but almost all of them relate to serious conditions. Seeking treatment for your cat when they are losing weight can help to treat health conditions that are not readily managed without the help of a vet.

Cats that are losing weight might experience this issue related to their environment, but they might also be showing the early symptoms of various health conditions that need a veterinarian’s help to diagnose and effectively treat.

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