How to Choose the Best Cat Boarding in Limerick, PA for Your Pet

Cats are not known for their flexibility when it comes to change. Many cats get very upset by changes to their environment like added pets, new furniture, even new food. Cat owners know all too well how tough it can be to figure out how to go on vacation when you have a cat at home that needs consistency to be happy.

Boarding a cat might seem like it is impossible but there are some really great boarding facilities that can take cats for a long weekend or as long as you need to be away from home. Picking the right boarding situation for your cat can be easy if you know what to look for. Not every cat is a good candidate for boarding but almost every cat can be boarded successfully if you pick the right place for them to stay while you are gone.

cat boarding in limerick, pa

Cat Boarding Kennels

There are a few different kinds of kennels that you can pick from for your cat boarding needs. You might want to consider your own comfort as well as your cat’s personality when you are making this decision. Not every cat will succeed at some of these kinds of facilities.

Cat-Only Kennels

This is often a good option for any cat because cats like the quiet and peace that is afforded by being away from barking dogs and other kinds of animals. Cat-only locations are often run by very experienced cat people and the staff is also usually trained in cat-specific handling techniques. This can be a great option if you have a cat that tends to be unhappy around other animals or dogs. Limerick Veterinary Hospital offers a private cattery for cats where they can relax in the sun or watch the birds, cat condos and cat toys. This gives them the space to relax in a cat-only area.

Regular Kennels

In a regular kennel environment, you will probably be exposing your cat to the noise and chaos of dogs and other animals that are boarded along with your cat. This works well for social cats that don’t mind other animals or a busier environment, but it can be tough on cats that live alone at home or are not used to other animals.

Medical Boarding

If you have a cat that needs lots of medical care, you might need to look into medical boarding options in your area. If your regular veterinarian does not offer to board, they can probably recommend locations that do offer these services. Medical boarding locations are often more expensive, but you will get excellent care for your special needs cat, and you will be able to trust that medications and other specific care are delivered correctly while you are away.

Questions to Ask When Looking into a Boarding Facility

If you are not sure if the cat boarding facility is a good fit for your cat’s needs, there are some key questions that you can ask to help find the right boarding option for your needs.


Ask about daily and weekly rates. You might also want to ask about special care requests and what they will cost. Medication delivery and other kinds of special services are sometimes not available at regular boarding kennels.

Veterinary Care

If you are not boarding your cat at a vet, you will need to ask the kennels that you are interviewing what they do when a pet that is staying with them gets sick. You should see if it is possible to have your regular vet be listed as the on-call vet or if you have to use the vet that the kennels work with for this kind of emergency care. Veterinary care can be the deciding factor between one kind of kennel and another and you should always remember to ask this question before picking a kennel for your cat.

Penalty Fees

You will want to find out if there are charges that are assessed for ending your cat’s boarding stay. If you are not sure what day you will get back home, you might need to end your cat’s stay early. This is information that you need to ask before you agree to a boarding location for your cat.

Experience of Staff

You should always ask if anyone at the kennel has experience with difficult pets or cats. While your cat might be sweet and easy to deal with at home, some cats are not at their best when they are being handled by people that they do not know. To prevent added stress for your cat and for the staff that are working at the kennel you are thinking of using, you should make sure that at least some of the staff know how to handle fractious cats. Planning to make sure that your cat will not be mistreated or stressed is important for a successful cat boarding experience.

Boarding Your Cat is Easy

If you remember to ask about the key features that you will need answers for and you make sure to look into the right kind of boarding for your cat’s needs, you will find that boarding your cat is easy for both you and your pet. Being able to board your cat when you are away for a while for work or on vacation can offer you peace of mind that having your pet at home with a pet sitter will not.

Not every cat can handle being boarded but most cats will take to this experience with ease if you pick the right boarding location for their unique needs. Pets that need medical care might need to be boarded at a veterinary clinic or a cat-only location, but these options exist for a reason. Boarding your cat can be a great option for your needs and can give you peace of mind while you are away so that your pet is being cared for correctly.

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