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Xylitol In Peanut Butter

New Xylitol Product to be Aware of!


Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol sweetener that most owners are now aware is dangerous to their dogs. It is commonly found in sugar-free gum and candy… but Peanut Butter?!?


In humans, xylitol has little to no effect insulin or glucose blood levels or on liver function. In dogs, it can cause low blood sugar within 30 minutes and liver cell death within 12 hours. There is no antidote for xylitol toxicity, so it is important to recognize ingestion and start supportive measures as soon as possible.


Over recent years, there has been a marketing push for “all natural” products. Now several specialty peanut and nut butter brands have included xylitol as an ingredient. Do not be fooled if the package says “sweetened naturally” or “natural sweetener.” It can be a common misconception that xylitol is an artificial sweetener, but it’s not! When in doubt, if a food label lists “sugar alcohol” as an ingredient but does not list which one, do not feed it to your dog. Because sugar alcohol is not technically sugar, xylitol may also be found in products labeled “sugar free” or “no sugar added.”


We recommend erring on the side of caution.


Here is a list of peanut or nut butters that contain xylitol, but be aware that this list may not be all-inclusive, so check the labels:


  • Krush Nutrition Nutty by Nature brand

  • P28

  • Nuts ‘N More

  • Go Nuts, Co.

  • Hank’s Protein Plus Peanut Butter