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Fall/ Winter Safty Tips

Protect your pets from changes which come along with the changes in the seasons of the year.  It is the fall-winter changes which we will discuss.

                Toxic products can be very dangerous to your family’s best friend.  There are many conditions that could be life-threatening.

  1.  Halloween Costumes – Young children and adults dressed in costumes can terrify pets when they are all dressed up.  It is a good idea to keep pets isolated from costumed children because a frightened pet can attack and bite young children.

  2. Halloween Candy -  This holiday presents us with a couple problem.  Regular candy gives the digestive problem of hyperglycemia and add to that in some cases, they can overdose on chocolate which has no direct antidote except to make the pet vomit by giving hydrogen peroxide (1cc/1lb body weight).  Be sure to keep a fresh bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the medicine cabinet for these emergencies.  The peroxide causes vomiting within 15-20 minutes.

  3. Sugarless Gum – One more product that is dangerous to our pets is sugarless gum.  The pet usually steals this product out of a pocketbook or off the kitchen table.  It causes a toxemia by lowering blood sugar.  It can be fatal if not treated promptly by your veterinarian.

  4. Windshield fluid and antifreeze products – these products can be very toxic to your pets.  Antifreeze is a sweet tasting product and less than a teaspoon can be fatal to a cat.  The product causes the pet to go into renal failure.  There is an effective antidote called Antizol, but it must be given within 8 hours of ingestion in the dog or 3 hours in the cat.

  5. Rock Salt or Calcium Chloride – Last year the extreme winter conditions gave us the opportunity to use lots of rock salt and/or calcium chloride on our driveways and sidewalks.

    These two salts caused digestive upsets when eaten by the pet or caused sore foot pads and feet.  It is important to clean your pet’s feet when they come in from the outside in winter.

  6. Ice – Ice caused a problem in that the pets could not get a footing so they slid and fell.  These conditions caused muscular-skeletal problems – sometimes a simple sprain and in some cases there were cruciate tears.  It is often beneficial to shovel out a space on the lawn that would prevent those smooth icy conditions.


ASPCA PCC (Poison Control Center)  can be contacted at 1.888.426.4435.  There will be a consultation fee.