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Spring and Easter Precautions

It’s finally Spring and Easter is just around the corner. Unfortunately, this can also mean new dangers to your pets.

 1. Lillies - If you have cats, do not purchase Easter Lillies. Even if your cat is not a “plant eater,” it is best      not to have them in your home. All parts of the plant including the pollen can lead to kidney failure if ingested. The Tiger Lily, Japanese Show Lilly, and Day Lilly are also dangerous. Want to give a safe Easter flower? Easter Orchids, Easter Lily Cactus, Easter Daisies, and Violets are all great choices!

 2.  Chocolate – Most pet owners know chocolate is unhealthy for dogs, but easy access to Easter baskets can lead to toxic and even life-threatening ingestion amounts. Chocolate can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, elevated heart rates, abnormal heart rhythms, and seizures. The liver can recirculate chocolate into the bloodstream for hours to days without emergency treatment.

 3. Sugar-free Gum and Candy – Another favorite treat in Easter baskets can contain xylitol (a sugar substitute). Even small amounts can lead to a drop in blood sugar and subsequent seizures. Higher doses can cause liver damage.

 4.  Easter Grass – So your cat or dog doesn’t want the candy in the basket? The fillers can be even more concerning! Consumption of artificial grass can lead to intestinal blockages because it gets anchored in the stomach or intestine and leads to an “accordion effect.” This condition requires surgical intervention. If your baskets are left out, try using tissue paper fillers as a safer alternative.

 5.  Buying Bunnies – Even though purchasing a rabbit during Easter is not a danger to your existing pets, we caution you about the long-term commitment and special care exotic pets require. Just as you do before obtaining a puppy or kitten, please do research before buying a bunny.