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Having Prescriptions filled at your Veterinarian

The Benefits of Having Prescriptions filled at your Veterinarians Office.

Why should you fill your pet’s medication at your veterinarian’s office?

 Haven’t we all seen those commercials where Betty White comes on screen with a Golden Retriever by her side and a kitty in her lap? The advertisement boasts the easy and cheaper cost of buying medications online that can be shipped to your home.

                                    Is there really anything wrong with this? The answer isYES.

 Trusting an online pharmacy to fill a medication for a pet they have never examined or even met is a dangerous thing. Some sites even claim “No Prescription Required”. This is illegal, very dangerous, and quite scary. The FDA has investigated claims of online pet pharmacies that sell medications without prescriptions, illegally imported medications, and even drugs that have past their expiration date!

 You can have piece of mind knowing that your veterinarian has prescribed a drug for either prevention or treatment of a condition that he/she deemed necessary just for your pet. By purchasing medication directly from a veterinarian you get a guarantee from the manufacturer that your vet purchased the drug from. In some cases the manufacturers will even go so far as to back up their product with monetary compensation if their product is ineffective*.

Did you know certain breeds cannot tolerate and/or have severe reactions certain medications?

Did you know some medications require tests to monitor their effectiveness and that they are not actually doing harm to your pet?

Did you know that certain medications if given without test prior to administering you could be endangering your pet?

 Here at Limerick Veterinary Hospital our staff and doctors understand that your animals are an important part of your family. We feel that the patient/ client and veterinarian relationship is a very important part of your pet’s wellbeing. This is why we recommend filling your prescribed medication through us. If we are unable to fill a specific prescription here we would be more than happy to help you fill it at a reputable pharmacy.

 *This is not for all medications and all manufacturers.