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Good bye Laci Pooh

Yesterday we lost our dear friend, Laci Pooh. She passed peacefully with her parents Susan and Ray, and many of her LVH family close by. She was so special to all of us.

She arrived a few years ago as a little white Maltese from North Carolina. Over time she became much more than that little white dog. Her playfulness, foot stomp, sassy bark, and even her swagger all kept us intrigued and we adored her for it. We became her converts because of her unbridled joy of just being with us. She was so happy and she made our day each and every day she spent with us. If we were down we just looked at her and everything was good again. There is little more I can say that a few tears cannot say better. We are all so going to miss her.


In loving memory,

Dr. Nicol and LVH family


Laci Pooh