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Happy Tails is a full service animal care and housing facility that is open 365 days a year. Services include lodging, daycare, grooming, bathing and training. We are also a distributor of Science Diet Maintenance foods. Dog licenses are available for our clients living in Montgomery County.

Microchip identification is also available and can be used to obtain a life-time license for your pet. All services require an appointment and all pets must be current on the required vaccinations. Pet owners are required to obtain documentation from their pet care provider for the vaccine work done outside of Limerick Veterinary Hospital.


The following items are required to stay in Happy Tails Activity Center

  • All dogs must have a current county license or a life time license.
  • All vaccines must be up to date PRIOR to your pet lodging with us. 
    • Canines -  Rabies vaccination (by law), DHPP ( distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus), bordetella (kennel cough), canine influenza vaccine, and a fecal parasite exam tested within the last year. 
    • Felines - Rabies vaccination (by law), FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia), and a fecal parasite exam tested within the last year.  Also, in order for your feline friend to enjoy free time in our cattery they must have had a feline aids and feline leukemia test performed and tested negative for both.   

If Limerick Veterinary Hospital is not your veterinarian, written proof of when these vaccines were GIVEN must be submitted prior to or upon arrival.  It is best to get this information submitted ahead of time so that we can look over your records and ensure you have everything you need to make checking in easier.   Limerick Veterinary Hospital and Happy Tails Activity Center will only recognize our policies on vaccines, and not those of another veterinary facility.  You can fax records to 610.489.0618 (Attention Happy Tails), e-mail them to paws@limerickvet.com, or bring them in with you when checking in.

Vaccines - All animals entering our facility should be up to date on vaccines prior to their arrival here.   It is best to have vaccines done at least 10-14 days prior to your pet coming in to stay with us.  If your pet does not come to Limerick Veterinary Hospital, we reccomend getting proof of vaccines to us ahead of time so we can verify your pet has everything he/she may need.  Animals that are not vaccinated prior to arrival can be refused admittance.   If your pet arrives unvaccinated or not current on a vaccination, you will have to sign consent for one of our doctors or technicians to administer the vaccine while your pet is staying with us.   There is a small fee for this to be done as one of the kennel staff will stay with your pet and take your place during their vaccinations and exam.

Depending on the vaccine you may be asked to sign a waiver, stating you understand your pet is not current on a vaccination and you assume all responsibility for your pet not being vaccinated while with us.   Our facility requires the vaccines we require, fecal samples and blood work to ensure the safest and healthiest environment for your furry companion to stay in while you are away.

Dog Licenses - It is a Pennsylvania state law that all dogs over 3 months of age be licensed by the county in which the dog lives in.   The state dog law requires owners to obtain dog licenses by January 1st of each year, and owners can be fined $300.00 for each unlicensed dog.  Happy Tails Activity Center (HTAC) sells Montgomery County dog licenses, all other county licenses must be obtained through that countys' court house, online at the county website or http://www.padoglicense.com/.   Dogs that are micro-chipped or tattooed can obtain a lifetime license, which is a one time purchase and your dog will be licensed for life.   Having a microchip or a tattoo is not a valid license, you must submit and send a way for a license.  Having a current license from the county in which your dog lives in is a mandatory requirement for him/her to lodge with us.

Accommodations - Once your pet is in our care, we will provide them with soft and clean bedding each day they are with us, as well as lots of love and personal attention.   Your pet will stay in our climate controlled facility to ensure they are comfortable their entire stay.   We also provide fresh clean drinking water all day long and offer your pet to be fed up to 3 times a day.   We provide Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, Puppy or Senior food for your pet to enjoy if you do not bring their own food.   If bringing food from home, it should be pre-bagged by meals to ensure your pet is getting exactly what he/she needs.   If food is not brought in pre-bagged it may result in an additional charge to your bill.  

We do not allow rawhide treats, rope toys or any other toys or bone that could possibly be destroyed or shredded by your dog.   If you wish to bring a blanket or Kong toy from home that is fine.   Please note that Happy Tails Activity Center is not responsible for any items that are lost or destroyed while your pet is lodging.   While we do our best to keep your items with your pet, each animal is moved daily for cleaning as well as provided with clean bedding.   We will wash any towels or blankets that may become wet, dirty, or soiled while your pet is with us

Our feline companions enjoy their own private cattery during their stay.  This room has a sliding glass door for your cat to enjoy sun bathing and bird watching.  There are also toys and a cat condo for them to enjoy and we are always adding new items for them to play with.  Cats are provided with fresh drinking water all day long as well as being fed up to 3 times a day and their litter boxes are continually checked for cleanliness.  Your cat can enjoy a diet of  Science Diet Adult or Kitten Maintenance if you do not provide their own food.  Along with our standard cat cage, we also have 2-3 large crates your cat can stay in while with us.  These are available upon request and based on availability.  

Create your own package - Every canine that lodges with us receives 3 walks and meals included in their stay, and feline lodgers receive 30 minutes of free time daily included.   For canines we also offer playtime with other dogs in our indoor or outdoor facility, ice cream, cookies, ice cold filtered water, and extra walks.  For our feline friends they can indulge in ice cream or tuna fish on a ritz cracker.   We also offer one on one time with a staff member in a private room where your loved one can receive lots of personal attention and interaction.  

For dogs you can also schedule them to receive a bath while they are with us, that include shampoo and conditioner treatment, ear cleaning, nail trim, brushing and a blow out of your dogs coat.   We also offer medicated oatmeal baths and grooming if our groomer is here during your pets stay.   You can select to add on any of these extra services to make your pets stay more enjoyable.  

While we don't encourage items to be brought from home such as toys or blankets, we promise to treat your pet as if they were our own.   With well trained staff and overnight care, your pet will receive the best care while you are enjoying your vacation.   You can also call in daily to get updates, or for a small fee we can e-mail you daily updates about your pets stay.

If you have any questions, concerns or to schedule your reservation please call us at 610.409.9197 and speak with one of our receptionists.   You can also click on the registration form tab to your left and download all the forms you will need as well as to see our prices.   Remember to schedule early if you need a reservation for holidays or weekends.

Thank you!


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